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We Create Your Book Covers Designs With The Whole Mood Board And Vivid Artistic Mind!

Do you have your front and back covers designed but aren’t quite sure how to lay them out for printing? Our basic cover template option will be perfect for you! Our team will use a computer-generated template to assemble your pieces into a polished cover. We will add a spine if needed or a background color to match the other pieces of your cover. You can count on us to take care of everything – we’ve got you covered.

What Are The Different Types Of Book Cover Designs We Deal With?

We acknowledge our client’s requirements and deliver enticing covers that have the power to speak for the whole book. We have highlighted the main book cover types we deal with below.

Bold Typography Book Covers

These covers are lurid and grab the attention of the reader almost straight away. These covers have risen in fame in recent times, with many bestselling books having these as their front book covers.

Minimalistic Book Covers

These covers are the exact contrast of the Bold Typography ones. They are not melodramatic or anything. They don’t shout out to you. Instead, these covers let their origins do the dialog based on the book genre. These covers create a great room within the readers to think about the book concept!

Collage Book Covers & more

When two or more photographs are combined to make up a book cover, it lies under the collage book cover design. We design more types of book cover design as well!

We Turn Your Manuscript Into Published Book!

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, your book will capture readers’ imaginations and leave a lasting impact.

Book Cover Designs For Amazon Best-Sellers Our Portfolio

We put the final touches on your cover to make it look professional and print properly. You will have a finalized ready-to-print PDF file after your cover pieces have been placed in the computer-generated template. In addition to combining your front and back covers, we will also create a cover spine and size it to your content. If you have an ISBN, we can generate and place a barcode on your back cover.

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