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To err is human to let go of your editing errors is divine. Proofreading your book takes a huge amount of time and may feel like a daunting task, especially when you’ve just got done with book writing a whole manuscript. Moreover, editing your own book is great, but the second set of eyes is crucial for an objective view of your book. Wherever you are in your editing journey, our expert book editors will deal with your manuscript editing carefully and fix each and every mistake to polish your book. Depending on the type of editing your book needs, we’ll work on the developmental and structural aspects of your story and correct the plot, theme, characters, and dialogues. Our book editing services also include copyediting and proofreading that refine your book for traditional or self-publishing journeys.

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Editorial Assessment

Editorial assessment is the first overview of your book draft by our professional editors who read through the entire manuscript and offer feedback and insight related to the plot, structure, characterization, dialogue, and consistency. It is different from a comprehensive edit in that it only provides an assessment to authors who then fix the errors themselves.

Proofreading & Line Editing

When your book is finally free from all the major gunk, book proofreading acts as a final round of editing to fine-tune your overall message. This process includes working on typos, grammar, language, and any overlooked errors to make sure your book looks perfectly smooth and polished. Once your book has gone through all three rounds of editing, it is finally ready to be published!

Developmental Editing

When you submit your manuscript for developmental editing, it goes through a round of major editing where our book editors work on your story, plot, characterization, structure and style. For nonfiction books, a developmental edit involves checking facts, references, and focusing on the clarity of your message. The end product is a draft-free of major errors and ready to be copyedited.

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